Who are you?  Why is this site called Loudest Minds?  What is this all about?

To answer your first question: I am a 29 year old man, husband to a beautiful wife, father to two precious girls, and a very successful professional.  I was also recently diagnosed with bipolar disorder.  I’m also an alcoholic.

To answer your second question: the mind of a bipolar man, father, and professional is about as loud as it gets.  It seemed as good a name as any.

As for the third question, well… as my manic friends know, it can be hard to get relief from the constant noise of all those thoughts bouncing around in your head; Personally, I found that screaming helps, but I kept getting kicked out of the grocery store.

Likelihood of Removal from Kroger
Figure 1. Turns out you don’t have enough rewards points to get you out of this one…

Screaming Blogging on the internet seemed like a better option, and my court mandated therapist a friend also said it sounded like a good idea!  So here we are!

Conversely, to my friends struggling with depression, I find that sometimes a laugh can go a long way.  Which again, beats the alternative…

I really hate grocery stores.

So really this is all about RELIEF my friends.  I hope this is a place where you can come to find relief through laughter, and who knows, maybe even learn a thing or two along the way!